Why I swear by Baltic Amber

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So many times as a parent we agonize over the choices we make. We pour hours and hours into researching both sides of every idea. It doesn’t help that there is so much conflicting information on the web. Science says this, studies have shown that. Coupled with tons of anecdotal stories it can be overwhelming to make any kind of decision. What does it all boil down to? Going with your gut. That’s all we have as parents, really. Our gut instinct that God gave us to do what’s best for our children. And boy was my gut right about the power of Baltic Amber.

If and when you choose to buy a Baltic Amber necklace you cannot skimp out with the cheapest one on the web. You’ll want to look for a certified seller. You want to make sure that the necklace purchased is not polished. Polished beads just don’t work as well. It’s also Ideal to have them individually knotted to prevent choking should the necklace break. A breakaway clasp is also a very important feature to look for as this protects your baby from harm. I know without that feature it would be unnerving to have a string around your baby’s neck. Take it off at bath time so the soap won’t ruin it. Also, please never leave your baby unattended with the necklace on.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I want to say I absolutely LOVE The Princess’ Baltic Amber necklace. From the first time we put it on her I noticed a difference in her demeanor. She doesn’t drool through her bibs anymore, (come to think of it, we only use them when she’s eating now) and she really isn’t as cranky as she used to be. Last night after I got her out of the bathtub (or sink, rather) she was unusually cranky and vocal about it. After about an hour of this I saw her necklace laying on top of the entertainment center. *facepalm* Hubby wasn’t very impressed with me.

Hubby and I both wear Baltic Amber now. It’s so frustrating to us that there are people who still insist that there is no way it works. They think it coincidental that when a baby wears Baltic Amber that they are just not fussy at that time. I’m here to tell you that it works! I, as an adult, use it and it works. It helps me immensely with my carpel tunnel pain. Hubby even noticed I don’t get car sick when I’m wearing it.

Now here’s a crazy story for you! We went to the grocery store a few months ago and thought that Sam might benefit from some responsibility so we gave him the short buggy to push. Well, he promptly ran into my heels and in the process busted his lip on the cart handle. I mean he busted it baaad. There was blood everywhere. The poor grocery stocker looked pale. My quick thinking kicked in and I took the necklace off of Grace and put it on Sammy. He went from crying to laughing and smiling again in less than a minute. (and she went from smiling, to drooling and fussing again, but daddy carried her the rest of the time so she was appeased.)

Go with your gut! You are an awesome parent! And teething only lasts a short while, so you can make it through this!


Why I swear by Baltic Amber. A real life story.


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21 thoughts on “Why I swear by Baltic Amber

  1. I have used Baltic Amber Necklaces for both of my boys and I swear by them as well! Once the teething stage is over I tend to not use them as often, but I always whip one out if someone is especially cranky or has an ear ache. =)

  2. My son is teething, and this is the first time I am actually hearing about the Amber necklace. It sounds interesting and I will have a look online to read more about this. Will bookmark this post and come back to let you know if I got it and what my experience is. šŸ™‚

  3. Wow. That’s crazy! My son is a drool machine, at times. A friend of mine has a little guy the exact same age and she puts the Amber necklace on him. She said he never drools. EVER. I had thought about getting one before but when she said that I seriously considered it again. I still haven’t done it. Mostly because I really don’t see myself putting it on him. I kind of prefer the cute drool bibs. I feel like it will just go to waste. But I must say, this story is tempting me yet again. haha.

  4. Teething sucks! I got 2.5 hours sleep last night as my son was up screaming all night šŸ™ It sucked. I give drugs, use teething gel/tablets, lavender essential oil, nursing, yeah, sometimes nothing works. I used the teething necklace with my daughter, it was double stranded, she still managed to break it and almost had it in her mouth, all while I was dressing her. My husband is an engineering and when he say no scientific studies to back it up would not let me use it, then after she broke it, no way he would let me use it again!

    As you said, the net is full of conflicting advice, go with your gut and you will always be an awesome parent šŸ™‚

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    1. Oh that is scary! I’m glad you were with her when that happened! Were the beads individually knotted? Did it have a breakaway clasp? Do you think hubby would let you try again if it had these features? Thanks so much for the linkup info. I’m going to check it out tonight!
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  5. That’s impressive! I’ve only ever heard of amber for teething, it’s interesting that it seems to work for other pain. My husband has AS so this might be something to look into for him! My son is a pretty nonchalant teether so I never considered it for him šŸ™‚

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