The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice Review and Giveaway

unschooling children's spanish

I believe that learning should be exciting and fun. My five-year-old agrees! That’s why most of our learning is organic learning. I try to stay away from forced structured learning because our Monkey is so strong willed that he is apt to rebel against anything presented in a structured learning format. Even if it something he is genuinely interested in. If it comes across as boring, he’ll start yawning and pretend to fall asleep. Frustrating! I know! The best way around this is to just let him have fun! Our learning comes from engaging games and books. Most recently The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice is teaching us both Spanish!

unschooling children's spanish

I don’t remember when Monkey’s fascination with Spanish started but it was just a few months ago when he heard his uncle say, “Hola, como estas?”And ever since then he has been able to identify the sound of the Spanish language. I knew at some point we’d be exploring options for teaching him Spanish. I’m so happy we found One Third Stories! I am impressed with the unique way that the words are introduced in the story gradually increasing in number, but their meaning is always immediately apparent. They named this system Clockwork Methodology® and here’s what that looks like.
Clockwork Learning unschooling children's spanish

I especially love how the readers are invited to contribute to the story! After we read The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice (for the gagillionth time) we sat down with our paints to figure out how she’d get her next word! Some of his ideas included lightening, going to the zoo, getting a word from God, but ultimately he settled on going down into the ocean to get a word from a narwhal. As if helping tell the Little Girl’s story wasn’t exciting enough there are also prizes to be won, like Amazon Fire Tablets! To learn more about the contest click here.

unschooling children's spanish

The lovely folks over at One Third Stories are passionate about sharing this fun and simple way of learning with you and your children. Besides The Beautifully illustrated book they also have the most adorable puppet show I’ve ever seen on Youtube! As well as an Audio book available to download for free. Click over to One Third Stories for your free copy of the audio book The Three Little Pigs!



Click the button to continue to the contest to win your copy of The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice!
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25 thoughts on “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice Review and Giveaway

  1. Being in the military we have traveled to so many places. I love that both of my children learn about different cultures. The one thing we have never learned is to speak Spanish and have always wanted to.

  2. We are former homeschoolers — all my children are grown now. This brought back wonderful memories, and your son is truly an inspiration. I raised my children bilingual (German/English) and am trying to win this lovely book for my oldest daughter who is a primary classroom teacher. Thank you for sharing your story! 🙂

  3. This sounds like such a great way to integrate another language into your child’s daily activities! I will head on over and check out the contest, thank you for sharing!

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