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As moms we so rarely spend time and money on ourselves, especially money! How is it that I’m wearing the same five pairs of jeans, but my six month old has 30 adorable outfits with matching hair bows that she is going to grow out of by next week? So that’s why we decided to do a Hazelaid baltic amber “Mommy & Me” giveaway. Down below you’ll see two forms. You may enter in both, but be aware that there are some repeat entry methods. Make sure you invest your entries in the prize you really want to win.

First gift

 The first prize is a 25 dollar digital gift card for With it you’ll be able to purchase anything on the site! (You’re welcome, momma. I know sometimes you get tension head aches). The winner will be contacted directly by Hazelaid.
Baltic Amber Necklace

Second gift

The second prize is a 12 inch super butter, raw, Hazelaid Baltic Amber necklace for your teething little one. This is the strongest necklace that Hazelaid offers.  It’s rated an 11 out of 10!! Once again it is recommended that the child not be left unsupervised the the necklace on. It can be wrapped around the thigh during nap time. It is meant to be worn, not chewed. Each bead is individually knotted and there is a quick release clasp. Keep the necklace away from oils, soaps, and other harsh chemicals. Thanks for your support. Good luck!
The Winners Have Been Announced! Thank You to All Who Participated! 
Baltic Amber Infographic

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38 thoughts on “Mommy & Me Hazelaid Giveaway

  1. Oh my gosh!! So many beautiful things…. It’s hard to decide but one of my favorites for sure is the Hazel-Gemstone Amethyst Chip. So beautiful!!!! I have my fingers crossed. <3

  2. I am excited about the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace because my daughter has been wearing one since she was 3 months and it’s amazing! I could definitely use one for my son as well.

  3. I would choose the Hazel-Gemstone Amethyst & White Quartz Necklace! It is so pretty and I love that it has healing properties! šŸ™‚

  4. I would get the Sacred Sleep: Discover More Abundant Energy, Emotional Balance and Mental Clarity- Starting Tonight!.

  5. My granddaughter is in need of this right now! So I am excited to tr y to help her relieve teething pain.

  6. If I won the gift certificate, I would probably get the Hazelwood Amethyst & Clear Double Bracelet. It’s so pretty!

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