5 Babywearing Moms and Dads Tell All

Meet the babywearing parents-




Julie. 30-something; Mom of a toddler boy; Military spouse; Engineer; Reader; Blogger; Fangirl; I’m blogging about my journey to thrive as a working mom.


5 Babywearing Moms and Dads Tell All



Jonathan is a crunchy husband and father who works at a lumber mill by day and designs websites at night. He believes strongly that dads don’t babysit. It’s called parenting.




Mother of a lovely baby girl. Dentist by profession. Hijabi. Indian. Doha resident. Passionate about my Faith, Dentistry, Creative Writing, Books, and of late, Cloth Diapering, Breast feeding awareness and Gentle Parenting.

5 Babywearing Moms and Dads Tell All



I am a proud wife and mama. I love my family and friends, travel, motherhood, cooking, dancing, and a nice glass of wine.

5 Babywearing Moms and Dads Tell All



I enjoy reading, doing crafty things, and doing just about anything outdoors; I even like yard work! My family and I are living the dream and getting our homestead/farm started. I like to blog about our random farm projects, homeschooling, and an array of parenting and semi-crunchy topics.


The dish…

How long have you been a baby wearer?

I have been a baby wearer for almost two years now (my son is 23 months old and I still occasionally wear him).- Julie

My first time wearing was at the Pikin patch about a year ago. Been wearing ever since.- Jonathan

Nearly a year now. (Baby is 13 months!)- Shahira

Since my munchkin was first born so about 20 months.- Tiffany

I just started with my second daughter, so about 8 months.- Alicia

What types of carriers do you prefer?

My current favorite is a structured carrier like my Ergobaby carrier. I tried out various styles and I really enjoyed the ring sling, until he got too wiggly.- Julie

It all depends on the occasion and my daughter’s mood. At the zoo I prefer the backpack carrier which gives her more freedom and gets her up where she can see everything. If she is looking tired, or kinda fussy, I prefer the SSC so I can comfort her and hopefully get her to sleep.- Jonathan

It was SSC until now but now that my baby is an active toddler who wants to look around, I think a ring sling would work better. I have not tried a ring sling yet though. Next on my bucket list.- Shahira

My favorite carrier is my Tula which is a soft structured buckle carrier. I once borrowed a woven wrap from a friend for a month and loved it. Someday I would love to invest in one.- Tiffany

I’ve not tried woven wraps or ring slings, but I definitely like mei tais the best. I thought I would love SSCs, but it’s just TOO many adjustments for me, at least the ones I have tried so far.- Alicia

What is the strangest/ funniest thing you’ve ever done while baby wearing?

I can’t think of anything super outrageous or funny, but I have worn him multiple times at the airport and through security.- Julie

Use the bathroom? Haha! I do that pretty frequently, actually. The funniest would be dancing at Bed Bath & Beyond.- Jonathan

Can I say this? 😀 Go to the toilet! 😀 Baby was cranky+ husband at work, had to do it!- Shahira

You can do so many things while baby wearing! I have been to a few events and was able to baby wear and breastfeed the munchkin and still continue to enjoy the event. No one could even tell.- Tiffany

I know I’m not the only one, but peeing in public while babywearing has definitely been the most interesting babywearing experience we’ve had thus far…It was made especially “fun” because my 4 year old freaks out about public potties, namely the auto-flushers. Needless to say, being in a little stall with two kids freaking out was not fun for anyone!- Alicia

Have you ever dropped food on your baby’s head while baby wearing?

Haha oh yea. He’s slept through quite a few restaurant meals in a carrier and I have dripped sauce or food crumbs on him.- Julie

Ya I have, but it’s ok because we both love to eat!- Jonathan

I haven’t eaten baby wearing until now.- Shahira

Oh ya! It’s unavoidable sometimes.- Tiffany

Not that I can remember…While nursing her and trying to eat at the same time? Yes.- Alicia

What is the best part about baby wearing to you?

Baby wearing allows my hands to be free and my baby to be held close and happy. Everyone wins.- Julie

Being close to my baby, and not having to worry about the stroller in places where strollers aren’t convenient.- Jonathan

Those snuggles. Also smelling my baby’s hair. Not to forget when she is just lying their calmly, I feel as though my baby is listening to my hearbeat!- Shahira

When baby is first born it is such a lovely way to keep baby close. Being able to have my hands free is such a huge help when I need to get things done. It can be a great way to keep tabs on my little when traveling or attending an event.- Tiffany

It’s nice being able to have my hands free with having an older child, of course, especially on our outdoor adventures, but the best part is the snuggles. Our second daughter actually enjoys being held and snuggling, so I’m taking advantage of it. Plus, we’re not sure whether we’re going to have any more babies so I’m soaking the baby snuggles up while I can. 😉 It’s also really nice being able to take her on hikes with us!- Alicia

Do you have a dream carrier, if so what is it?

My dream carrier would be one that magically reduces my toddler’s weight so it doesn’t feel like 30 pounds hanging off me. Does one exist?-Julie

My dream carrier is a Chicco Smart Support.- Jonathan

Tula! Maybe even a Lenny Lamb. I would like to try out the Indian brands too – Soul and Anmol- Shahira

I was able to borrow a beautiful handmade size 6 woven wrap from a friend. It was amazing! It made my baby feel weightless!- Tiffany

I feel like my answer is lame because compared to some carriers out there, it’s not super expensive or hard to find or anything, but my dream carrier is a Lenny Lamb mei tai. I tried one on at a local babywearing group’s meeting and it Fit. Like. A. Glove. SO COMFY! But…I currently have two mei tais, even though I’m just borrowing one from a friend, so I can’t really justify buying another one. Ha!- Alicia

Have people been supportive of your desire to baby wear? Has anyone ever said anything mean-spirited to you?

My husband has helped me wear him multiple times (by helping tie the straps as we’re getting ready for grocery shopping for example). So yes, I have definitely seen support of this. But the most recent time I flew with him, some random lady in line for security commented that the baby was too big to be carried. People just need to mind their own business. Yes, I have a big baby, he weighs a ton but he’s still young.- Julie

We really don’t have much support in anything. My support is my wife, and my baby. My baby supports my baby carrying. One time an old woman told me I was choking my baby in a grocery store. I showed her how it worked and that the carrier was soft, but she just rolled her eyes. I guess you can’t teach that old dog a new trick.-Jonathan

My husband is alright with me bw. In laws – I am not sure. At 4 months when I went to India and was carrying baby while shopping, she started crying pretty badly, Everyone said she was crying cos I am wearing her!- Shahira

Yes. I have a very lovely community of mamas and many of them baby wear. / Not yet thankfully.- Tiffany

Hmm…Not sure how to answer this. I wouldn’t people have been supportive, but I haven’t had family say anything bad about it either. They’re just kind of…indifferent, I guess? I get the impression with my mei tais that our families think it’s more trouble than it’s worth, if that makes sense, since I’m sure tying them does look kind of crazy to “outsiders”. Ha ha! We also live near a really small town of about 2,200, if I remember right, so whenever I babywear in town I get some strange looks like I’ve grown a second head sometimes. Ha ha However, it’s always the older women who have nice things to say, like “Oh, she looks so cozy in there!”, so that’s nice. Our nearest “big town” is full of babywearers, so no one looks at me like I’m a circus freak there. Ha ha!- Alicia

*Bonus thoughts-

Dad’s might not get the bonding experience through breastfeeding, but you can forge your own special bond through babywearing.- Jonathan

I have used many types of carriers. I would recommend trying them before you purchase if you can. Each baby carrier fits people differently. Do your research. Baby wearing is a whole new world full of benefits.- Tiffany

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