These are a few of my favorite breastfeeding things

breastfeeding tips and tricks


World Breastfeeding week, affectionately called WBW, is here and I’d like to celebrate and #normalizebreastfeeding by sharing my breastfeeding tips and tricks, and my favorite products that I use personally to help breastfeed my daughter.


#1 – You’re going to need a pair of breasts.

Any old breasts will do. Big ones, small ones, crooked ones, whatever! Your baby isn’t going to care what they look like. And you might not care anymore, either. When I began my BFing journey I finally realized what my breasts were for (sorry hubby, it ain’t you!) and for the first time in my life I LOVED them.


breastfeeding tips and tricks



#2 – Sunflower lecithin.

Let me say it again. Sunflower lecithin. Trust me on this one! It took me several clogged ducts and two rounds of mastitis to figure out that I needed to make sunflower lecithin part of my daily routine. The professionals figure that it helps reduce the viscosity, or stickiness, of your liquid gold. Whatever the method, these big magic pills have saved me from so much pain and heartache.


#3 – A scale.

Those first few weeks I was counting wet diapers, logging every feed, latching all day and all night. I become obsessed. In constant fear that my small breasts could not nourish my child. I had a talk with certified lactation consultant who said everything sounded perfectly normal and suggested I buy a scale to ease my worries. I weighed my precious bundle of joy daily, and sure enough! She was right on track. A scale was one of our smartest investments. It really helped me to relax, enjoy, and trust the process.

#4 – A cute teething necklace to wear.

Even if your little one hasn’t displayed the first sign of teething, you’ll want a teething necklace for sure. These beauties are often made from bare or cloth covered wood, and silicone, and are great for keeping little hands busy. I’ve experienced nails clawing my chest. A tiny slap session for the side not in use. Several full-blown grab and twists. Shudders Oh how I hate the grab and twists. All of these can be avoided by wearing a sweet and stylish teething necklace to keep baby distracted and entertained.



breastfeeding tips and tricks


#5 – A comfortable nursing bra.

My little princess was born 12 days before my birthday. When my special day came around I was still buzzing on oxytocin and inhaling my baby’s sweet scent. I had completely forgot about my birthday. Luckily my mother didn’t. God bless that sweet woman! I was beyond overjoyed when I opened a box with brand new nursing bras and organic cotton breast pads. Which brings me to my next point.

#6 – Organic cotton breast pads.

Do they have to be organic cotton? The answer is a resounding YES! They are more comfortable and more absorbent than their counterparts. They just feel like tiny fluffy clouds cuddling your poor overworked nipples. If you haven’t tried them yet I highly recommend it.

#7 – Nursing shirts.

I love my nursing shirts! Right now I have 8 and they are all from Milk Nursingwear. They give me so much confidence. Not only do they hide postpartum pooch really well, they are the most stealthy nursing shirts ever! I had so many people approach me and ask to see the baby when we were out and about. Many times I’d say, “Sorry, she’s eating right now”. I’m not going lie I kind of enjoyed the look of shock on their faces. Now that little miss is bigger it’s a bit more obvious. However, feeding her in a Milk shirt is still very discreet. I can’t leave the house without one on.


breastfeeding tips and tricks


#8 – A good support system.

Out of all of the things that helped to give me a great breastfeeding experience, support from friends, family, and even strangers is probably the most vital thing. My dad is the one who told me about It’s a site so full of breastfeeding tips and tricks. My mom cried tears of joy when I told her I was donating breast milk. Several things were delivered to my door from my Mother-in-law. Someone telling me that they are proud of me for giving so much of myself daily still makes my heart swell. Having a husband who knows when I’m touched out and gives me time alone is priceless.

One time a woman in a Facebook group I am in drove to my house to give me a piece to my pump that had just broke. Seriously! She found out I lived nearby and came right over. Many are the days where I am in awe of the way fellow breastfeeding mothers come together to cheer each other on and lift each other up. Whether you find your strength at home, through distant friends, an online group, or even in your local Le Leche League, it will change your breastfeeding journey for the better.

breastfeeding tips and tricks



I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things that I love! 



breastfeeding tips and tricks from an exclusive breastfeeding momma.


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37 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite breastfeeding things

  1. I love breastfeeding my two daughters. My first daughter is 3 years old I breastfeed her for 28 months. My second daughter is 2 months old, and I feel like it is the best thing I could ever do for them..

  2. The journey so far has its ups and downs. I can honestly say though that it has many more ups. I love that we are making this journey together as it makes me feel so close to my daughter. I was not sure what it would be like but I am so glad that I chose breastfeeding.

  3. A good nursing bra, bamboobies and my most recent love, nursing necklaces. I also like the undercover mama. I have had awesome breastfeeding journeys with all my kids. Still going with number 3 and he is almost 18 mos.

  4. My favorite things are nursing bra and teething necklace- very useful things. My dauther is six months old i still breastfeed her and i know how important to have comfortable bra.

  5. I’ve been breastfeeding for almost three years now! My oldest is three and I only took a short break while pregnant with my second who is now 13 months! I’d love some teething jewelry! I love him, but he is by far the worst teething baby I’ve ever seen!

  6. I am 2 months into my breastfeeding journey with baby #4 and it’s been interesting. I just found out there’s dairy sensitivities, so working on elimination. I’d love to have another copy of this book, as I’m trying to become active in my new local LLL chapter 🙂

  7. My breastfeeding journey has just begun as my newborn is a week old. The book will be especially helpful. Thanks!

  8. I’m in month 7 of nursing my third baby, who is almost 18 years younger than his sister. I wasn’t sure my breasts would work at 45 and my production isn’t terribly high but it’s kept him nourished (with supplementation) and comforted. I love the silicone necklaces, he is crazy about chewing on them.

  9. I would be most excited about the teething necklace and bracelet set from The Little Sunshine Boutique! Teething necklaces are such a great idea. Perfect for when you’re out and about!

  10. I’m so emotional, and my breastfeeding journey has been SO great!!!! It’s been filled with so many tears, happy, frustrated (at first), and just looking at her admiring how amazing God is and His creation. I recently had to start working again (after 2.5 months of exclusive boob feeding her) and my husband sent a picture of her holding the bottle like a pro!! Made this mom really sad, and I”m sure the day that she weans herself I will cry for a few days.

    1. Yes! I love that! Thanks for sharing. I went back to work with my first at 2&1/2 months too. Make sure you are getting in enough pump sessions. I only did two a day and it wrecked my supply. The law is on your side, momma!

  11. I am expecting baby number 5 this fall and am still nursing my one year old. Thank you for this great article. I love that breastfeeding is considered so much more normal nowadays. I have always wanted to try the teething necklaces.

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