MommyCon 2017 Discount Code & MommyCon Orlando 2016 Review

MommyCon Orlando 2016


MommyCon 2017 discount code.

What is MommyCon all about?

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Hubby bought the MommyCon Orlando 2016 tickets for me a few months back. I was just dying to go. Like, I have to go or I’ll fall over and die, dying to go. He’s calling it my birthday present, but just between me and you I’m still expecting a box of chocolates on the 30th. The good ones. Haha! I knew it would be awesome, and boy were my instincts right! Doing the VIP sessions was so fun! So informative! And I got to meet some amazing people!

MommyCon Orlando 2016

We had an absolute blast at the indoor (thanks for that, hurricane Hermine) Baby Safe Pool Party with Mat York from that That Dad Mat. I just want to say that Mat is seriously a gem of a person. He’s got an upbeat attitude. I mean, come on, he made an indoor pool-less pool party fun. I don’t think anyone else could have been capable of doing that! We went over the amazing products in our swag bags and then dived right in (Yes, pun intended!) to our Beachfront Baby ring slings. Mat taught us how to get a good seat, and went over some finer points, like over-tightening. Hubby got it right right away! He totally rocks at baby wearing. We got to chat with Maggie from Babyganicsnyc. I had never tried their products before, but chatting with Maggie got me really excited about it! At the end of the session Mat was asking the group some questions and doing a surprise giveaway. Hubby could trace his ancestry back in Florida the longest so we got another swim diaper! My favorite color! “Beth Of Fresh Air”. Which is AppleCheeks for lavender

MommyCon Orlando 2016

Laura Brown from Ergo and Angelique Geehan of Beco. gave us some helpful insights at Babywearing VIP. We learned about the safety features of the carriers we got. We also talked about tightening, strap placement, and I got to see a SSC hip carry set up. So Cool! After playing with the Ergos and Becos, we played a game like heads up where the cards all had terms used during the session. It was relative to the class, and fun. I think hubby had a better time because he is naturally competitive, where as a more introverted me had a great time just snapping pictures.
MommyCon Orlando 2016

The last session we went to was Feed the Baby with The Leaky [email protected]@b’s Jessica Martin-Weber. We oohed and Awed and even laughed over the goodies in the swag bag. Then he talked with us about how not every breastfeeding experience is a rainbow farting unicorn one. I hate to be a downer, but that was it. I have so much respect for Jessica and her leakies adore her, but I felt like the session needed something more. It was truly an uplifting experience, but if you’ve got your breastfeeding journey down pat, or have resolved your past issues then you aren’t going to walk away with much. If you’re struggling or have struggled and need a healing rap session then this is definitely for you.

MommyCon Orlando 2016

The two other sessions that we didn’t go to were Cotton Babies VIP and MommyCon After Dark. We decided to only go to three because that was all we could swing in the budget. The After Dark one was ladies only, so I didn’t want hubby to feel left out, though I heard only great thing about it. If I had to do again I would pick the Cotton Babies. I was so blown away with how compassionate and purpose driven Jennifer Labit of Cotton Babies is! During the Con on Sat I made sure to attend the cloth diapering 101. There wasn’t much info there that I didn’t already know in regards to the diapers themselves, but when she started talking about PPD and meeting diapering needs, my heart swelled. She gave out jumbo starter kits to mommas in need. I have a special spot in my heart for mommas who quietly and silently suffer. Bringing awreness to the forefront is key, and Jennifer is doing some amazing work! 

As to the con itself is I felt overwhelmed at times. There was several occasions where I wanted to be two places at once! I wanted to go through all the booths first and then go back and make purchases. That plan didn’t work! After the giveaway, which was joyfully hosted by Mat, the booths were already broken down and the vendors were long gone. I’m glad for the things I did get, but now I know that next year when I see something I want, I’m just going to get it right then and there! Snackies abound in the toddler food court and you could take some toddler and baby feeding products for a test drive. There was a huge play area for kids and I know if monkey had been with us that’s where he’d want to be the whole time. Down one corridor were several changing stations which made for a very convenient diaper change! The breast feeding lounge was perfect. Princess won’t nurse when there is a ton of noise so we were able to duck down into there and grab a quick top off before hitting another session. There was even a quiet room for napping babies, but we didn’t need to use that, thanks to the Ergo I received at the VIP the day before. SO much sleepy dust in there!

If you weren’t able to make it to MommyCon this year, I just want you to know that they do offer a financial need based program for ticketing, and offer a military ticketing program. They also call for volunteers to stuff goody bags in exchange for tickets. I know that Kind Snacks also offered some sponsored tickets. Basically what I’m saying is that there are opportunities for you to go if you just look for them. Which is so beyond awesome!

MommyCon Orlando 2016

So to share the MommyCon love with you guys, I’m giving away a complete MommyCon Orlando 2016 Feed the Babies Vip swag bag. You’ll be receiving The coolest spoons I’ve ever seen, Gootensils from Num Num. Some mercury safe tuna from Safe Catch. A delicious pouch from Love Child Organics. A hand knit donut rattle from Pebble Child. Bitesizers from Mixed Pears. The original Squeeze Company gave us a reusable squeeze pouch. A 10$ gift certificate to Undercover Mama. A toddler feeding set from Re-Play. And an amazing EZPZ mat. To get to the contest form click the purple button below!

Congrats to Heather J. for winning the swag bag!

If you are interested in seeing the goodies inside all the other swag bags we received at MommyCon check out my Insta-feed here!

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