A VBAC Mom Opens Up About Cesarean Awareness Month


I strongly dislike the mommy wars.

August is cesarean awareness month. Now is when we see a huge debate springing up about what type of birth is better. I don’t believe that it’s fair that we as women constantly put each other down. It’s worse when we assume we are being put down when we aren’t. When I say that Cesarean Mommas are warriors that is in no way saying that any other mom isn’t! I actually got ripped apart for this by a woman who had no clue what my birth history is. “So by saying c section mothers are warriors does that mean since I had a vaginal birth I’m not a warrior?” Yes, this really did happen. People assume if you are giving another person accolades that you are putting someone else down. Since when did saying something was awesome become the equivalent of saying that the opposite is not. Why can’t both things be awesome?


cesarean awareness month


I’ve noticed then there is this anger towards certain groups like ICAN and VBAC.com for Cesarean Awareness Month AKA “CAM”. It seems like some women feel that because these groups are trying to bring attention to the skyrocketing cesarean rates in America that they are also putting down the women who have had cesareans. Being one of these women I can assure you from the depths of my absolute inner most being that this is not the case.

cesarean awareness month


I think it’s safe to say

that I speak for everyone here when I say, “Momma, you rock! No matter how you gave birth, you rock. Whether you had a cesarean, natural birth, or an epidural, or not. Birthed on your back, or squatting, a VBAC or an HBAC or whatever! That baby came out of you, and YOU ROCK!

It does not rock to be pressured into a medically unnecessary C-section because your doctor has a golf game on Sunday. Maybe he is a hungry wolf with a scalpel in his paw and dollar signs in his eyes. Those of us that have been through that honestly just want better. Better for our friends, daughters, and our daughter’s daughters.

A VBAC Mom opens up about Cesarean Awareness Month

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5 thoughts on “A VBAC Mom Opens Up About Cesarean Awareness Month

  1. I love this! I wish more women would just lift each other instead of attacking if someone doesn’t share the same story or opinion. Regardless of how we became moms (hospital, birth center, home, vaginally, cesarean, medicated, natural, surrogacy, adoption) we’re all moms and should celebrate it! Great post mama!

  2. I did not want a c-section but it saved my little ones life. I went through some things a regular birth mom wouldn’t. A mom who gave regular birth went through things I did not go through. We all gave birth though in our own ways.

  3. You rock! And yesAll of us women who gave birth Rock including the women who have not ever given birth. There’s a saying going around Facebook that we were created from the side of a man from the rib and that we should walk beside a man not in front of or behind or to be put down. And if we women would support each other in all the things we do, we would all be better off.

  4. Well written my dear. Being a mother is hard work and it starts with carrying around a 20 to 40 pounfds of extra weight for approximately 40 weeks. THAN the labor. We need to revisit the meaning of that word.

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