6 Baby Carriers Reviewed – Your Ultimate Guide

Wow! It was really helpful to read about all of these different baby carriers in one place.


I wasn’t very crunchy when my first was born. Okay, I wasn’t crunchy at all. I guzzled soda and ate fast-food daily. I wasn’t into attachment parenting, I didn’t co-sleep and I never dreamed of transporting him in anything less than a handy little stroller. Baby carriers? What are those? But as time went on I began questioning everything I knew. Of course this happened in most part due to me trying to understand my unnecesarean, but I’m so grateful it led me to this path.

After I became pregnant with our princess I was spending hours pouring over information online. I wanted to do everything as healthy and natural as I could with her. I was soon submersed into a world of baby carriers and despite all my reading, I had no idea wear to start! So many women were a fan of the wrap, so I put a Moby wrap on our registry and was blessed to receive one from a great neighbor and friend.

The Moby-

The thing about using a wrap is, it can be pretty confusing! I watched the video clips over and over again. Eventually I got the hang of it, but I feel like it was so overwhelming for me in those early days. Every single time I put her to my chest she wanted to nurse. I’d have to loosen the wrap, wiggle around, move her down, move her back up again. I just wasn’t comfortable enough with the giant thing to do it. I think for a beginner at babywearing something more easily adjusted would better suit this time period, like a Mei Tai. The Moby was a lifesaver, though, when she was teething and needing snuggles!


The soft structured carrier-

As time went on we bought an Infantino Front to Back carrier which is called a soft structured carrier. It could be used in a back carry, forward facing front carry, or inward facing front carry. The snaps, straps, and buckles got pretty twisted around. The princess was a little bit bigger then and she was so curious. Having her forward facing allowed our hands to be free. It also allowed her to feel like she was a part of the activities. We frequently wore her this way while out on our zoo adventures or at the grocery store. It wasn’t very convenient to have her on my front while trying   to cook or do dishes and I wasn’t brave enough to try doing a back carry. I wish I had been!



The Mei Tai-

The next carrier we got was an Infantino Sash Mei Tai. I really loved it. It is recommended to be used as an inward facing front carry, hip carry, and back carry only. It was just like the Front to Back for me, except much easier and quicker to get her situated. There were no snaps and clasps. It was sort of like the Moby and the Front to Back got together and made a baby. The best of both worlds! A nice pocket area for baby, and a couple quick knots to tie her securely in place. Using the Mei Tai was the first time I got brave enough to put her on my back by myself. Everything was clearly in the right spot. It felt really secure and I loved it! I was able to get some laundry and dishes done!


The backpack carrier-

We found a really neat one at a thrift shop. These baby carriers are called a structured carrier or backpack carrier. Hubby loves it because it keeps the princess off of him. Don’t forget, we live in Florida where it’s summer ¾ of the year. The princess loves it because it gives her a bird’s eye view of her surroundings. Additionally, she has more freedom of movement not smashed up against us. I don’t like it as much because I can’t bend over in it, so no laundry. It also seems to put more weight on my shoulders rather than balancing it out evenly. If I’m in a rush to run out the door I’ll grab it because all you have to do is buckle her in and throw it on like a backpack.



The ring sling-

One of the last of the baby carriers we received was at MommyCon earlier this month. It’s a ring sling from Beachfront Baby. This particular brand is performance athletic mesh. They’re great for going in the pool, beach, or shower. Or just good for use anywhere it’s crazy hot… like Florida! Ring slings can be any type of material, though. The thing about these baby carriers is there is a definite learning curve (though not as bad a wraps). Once you get it, it’s simple and quick! I wish I had one of these back in the beginning. I’d love to try it out with a little squish!



The Beco Soleil-

So the last carrier I’m going to talk about is the Beco Soleil. You will not find it on their website as the Soleil has been discontinued (much to the heartache of the masses). It’s a soft structured carrier for 4 months and up, and it is awesome! It can be used in a back carry, an inward facing front carry, or if your little one want to see ahead of you, a side carry. The hood is fully removable. It has an accessory clip, a key clip, and also has 2 storage pouches! It has height adjusting straps on the front, and an adjustable chest clip. You can cross the straps in     the back as shorter people like myself find this helps get a good fit. The clips are the sturdiest ones you’ll find out there which can be a good and bad thing. They require you to press the safety latch while unbuckling so no handsy toddlers can bust out. I know a lot of moms appreciate this feature though!

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42 thoughts on “6 Baby Carriers Reviewed – Your Ultimate Guide

  1. I wish wraps had been around when my girls were born but unfortunately they weren’t or were not popular if they were. Thanks for a great detailed review.

  2. This is such a comprehensive post, thank you! πŸ™‚ The giveaway is great too, good luck to everyone entering πŸ™‚

    I tried more carriers this time around as well, I really liked the Mei Tai but decided to stick with our current one After a little bit of trainning in it I’m much more confident and happy using it – although yes we will see hoe I feel when summer rolls around as it gets so hot and humid here!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

  3. My little guy hated being worn at first. He hated the Moby, the k’tan, and the Ergo with insert. I got super frustrated because I had planned on wearing him a lot. He tolerated the Mei Tei but it wasn’t my favorite to take out, I always felt like I was dragging the straps in the dirt. I stashed my carriers away thinking I’d save for the next baby. But now that he’s a toddler, he loves being carried! That separation anxiety kicked in and it’s “uppies” all the time now! So glad I didn’t just sell them.in frustration!

  4. With my first (he’s now 12) I wanted a carrier but felt I couldn’t afford one. In a desperate moment I ended up tying a bedsheet sling style around us so I could give my arms a break from my high need kid. With my second a decade later a wrap was a priority. I carried him so I could work.

  5. I’ve been babywearing for 2 years and I just love it! I had to sell all my carriers to pay bills so I would love to have another one!

  6. I had a baby carrier that could be worn in the from or back but it just had shoulder straps like a booksack so after wearing it a while it caused shoulder and back pain because there was no other form of support. Hoping to win this one, it looks great!

  7. To be honest, my babywearing experience is bad because I usually get hard time to use my baby carrier, and my little one does not like it at all. I think that I am using the uncomfortable and cheap one!
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  8. Baby wearing has been a life saver for me. With my first, who was a constant crier if he wasn’t held 24/7, it saved my sanity because I wore him all the time so that I could make myself meals, do the laundry, go grocery shopping and go for walks. I use a moby wrap and a sling with him. My second baby didn’t care for carriers but she liked to be independent and just lie on the floor or sit in her chair. With my third, I got a boba carrier and what a difference it is to back carry. I just invested in a toddler beco because he still loves being worn

  9. I absolutely love babywearing! I’ve heard really good things about Beco, and really like that their straps cross in the back. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  10. I was given a ring sling Maya wrap from a friend and I was not comfortable wearing this around with baby. I was always worried.

  11. I bought a carrier at Target to help take care of my niece but I have not used it a lot yet. So far I like it because I don’t have as much back pain when I carry her and I can multitask.

  12. My kids are older now and before the popularity of social media I wasn’t really aware so many carriers existed. We used a Bjorn and I thought that was the top of the line. If I won this giveaway I’d give the carrier to my niece and her girlfriend who have a baby and not a whole lot of money to invest in a nice carrier.

  13. I have a Baby Bjorn carrier. It says it can carry children up to 33 lbs/ 3 years old. I feel like my daughter outgrew it before reaching either weight/age limit but other than that it’s a pretty good carrier. I had an Infantino carrier.. it was okay considering it was only $20. I ended up gifting it to a friend though.

  14. I don’t have much experience with baby carrying. I bought a carrier at Walmart and it’s just not that comfortable to wear. I would love to try this one, it looks awesome!

  15. I’m most excited about The Beco Soleil. I like that is can be used in front or in back and the straps are adjustable. Would be able to use it for some time.

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