Cubbie Lee Toys Review

Cubbie Lee Review ~ Closing the age gap

Breaking the Age Gap with Imaginative Play

When we found out we were pregnant with the Princess I did expect there to be some issues to arise with Monkey concerning jealousy, but nothing could prepare me for what actually happened. He was disinterested. Perhaps the age gap between them was too big. We tried hard to get him to love the role of “big brother, big helper”, but it’s just not meshing with his personality type. He’s the comedian. The entertainer. He gets frustrated with his baby sister so easily. He often just goes off on his own, leaving her to follow behind like a sad little duckling.

When we brought out the play sets from Cubbie Lee, I was expecting them to enjoy playing with them, sure, but what I wasn’t expecting was how fast the age gap dissipated. Here my two precious kiddos were, actually playing together, and loving it! Now they retreat into a world of imagination and have tea parties at least once a day, and I can’t wait to get some more amazing sets.

Cubbie Lee Review ~ Closing the age gap

All Aboard!

The Wooden Toy Train is breathtaking! Hubby and I both loved that the curved pieces are reversible. You can follow the track guide provided, or you can let your imagination run wild. After a quick top off at the gas pumps the taxi rushes the passengers to the train station. The train sets off on a scenic route past the hospital, the school, and then across a stunning bridge. The police man directs the traffic near the houses. Bushes and trees line the streets as the cars wiz by. The many buildings, greenery, people, and cars included in the set provide hours upon hours of creative play.

Cubbie Lee Review ~ Closing the age gap

Tea Time!

The Afternoon Wooden Tea set is the family favorite. It’s been played with at least three times a day since we’ve opened it. It includes two cakes are two pieces fixed together with a little bit of velcro. The wooden knife “slices” the cakes in half. Both the kiddos were enjoying cutting and serving the cakes to one another, which is so perfect for Montessori learning. If you’re a Montessori Momma, you’re going to absolutely love Cubbie Lee toys.

Cubbie Lee Review ~ Closing the age gap

Some Important Info About Cubbie Lee Toys

Now I’m not here to sling any mud, but if you’re as into wooden toys as we are you’ve probably done your research! There’s one brand in particular that I used to love until I found some independent testing. I’m extra careful to make sure my children are playing with the best. I trust Zach and Sarah. They are so passionate about making sure that kiddos are playing with safe and sustainable toys. Their toys meet or exceed the stringent safety guidelines found in the ASTM F963 guidelines by CPSC. That’s a lot of fancy talk for saying they are proven safe for my sweet angels.

Another awesome policy they have is that all orders get free shipping No matter how much (or little) you spend. As an avid on-line shopper, I can really appreciate that one. If you’re a big fan of shopping at Amazon, Cubbie Lee also offers discounts for buying multiple items! Starting at 5% and working all the way up to 25%, they’re a one stop shop for all the kiddos you know. And, oh yeah! Their return policy is unparalleled in the toy world. Each toy has a 30 day no-quibble return policy and 5 Year Cubbie Lee Toy Company Warranty.

Check Out This Monthly Giveaway!

Every month Cubbie Lee does a huge $195 bundle toy giveaway! A winner is drawn on the first Friday of each month and notified by email. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of you wins.


Cubbie Lee Review ~ Closing the age gap

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