Pink Blush Dress Review

Pink Blush Dress Review


Recently I was given the chance to try out this gorgeous PinkBlush dress. The thing I like best about PinkBlush is that their dresses are great for when you are not pregnant, for maternity dresses, and for a stylish outfit when nursing a little one. It’s a dress for all of a woman’s seasons, which is amazing. My weight has fluctuated a lot in the last 3 years. My body’s shape has too. I’ve packed up clothes, I’ve given clothes away, bought new clothes, and been given new clothes. One thing I can tell about a PinkBlush dress is that it will stay in my closet despite all the changes the future holds. I’m completely hooked!

Pink Blush Dress Review


The pros and cons

I would love to list the pros and cons about this stunning PinkBlush dress, but I don’t have any constructive criticism for this dress at all. So pros it is! The maxi dress I picked out can be dressed up, or dressed down. I have worn it to church, and also to the park. It’s great for any occasion. It’s also not too long like other maxi dresses I’ve tried on before. I can wear it with flats. I know that will come in handy when my feet are swollen and flats are all I can stand. Yes! I have baby fever bad right now, and having this stunning dress isn’t helping because I can’t wait to see it on a bump!

Pink Blush Dress Review


The material of this dress is very soft and stretchy. My son has been hugging me even more when I wear it saying, “It’s sooo softy!”. It drapes really nicely and because it’s so stretchy breastfeeding is amazingly simple. I’ve had some shirts with the crisscross design for nursing and to me it felt like accessing the breast was still too difficult. Often I’d end up just lifting it up. Because the PinkBlush dress is so stretchy nursing has never been easier, or prettier. It’s a gorgeous dress that’s perfect for a date with your honey, and convenient enough for a mommy and me date too! I can’t wait to wear it to a friend’s upcoming Christmas party!

Pink Blush Dress ReviewPink Blush Dress Review


Choosing the right size

When I picked out this dress I was worried about it fitting right because it’s so hard to find the right clothing size when you’re shopping online. I followed their sizing guide and choose a medium. It fits perfectly! If you are planning on buying one of these show-stopping dresses this holiday season definitely follow the sizing guide.
Pink Blush Dress Review


I know you’d love to try one out too, so PinkBlush and I are giving you the chance to win a 50 dollar gift certificate. Please enter using the form below. Good luck and happy holidays!


Congrats to Katherine A. for winning the Pink Blush giveaway!


Pink Blush Dress Review from the perspective from a nursing mom.




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