Teach Your Child Multiple Languages with One Third Stories

Teach Your Child Multiple Languages with One Third Stories


This book series will help you Teach Your Child Multiple Languages. You may remember the first post I did about The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice. I know you’ve been eagerly waiting to see the unique ideas that the contributing kiddos came up with. Well it’s finally here! The completed book is so much more creative than I could have ever dreamed. Our son was beyond ecstatic to unwrap it at his birthday party.


Teach Your Child Multiple Languages with One Third Stories


So Much FUN

Reading the book from cover to cover was so much fun! Each page brought us a new lovable character and exciting scenario for la niña to slowly get her voice back. A sad little Tyrannosaurus, a beautiful mermaid, a regal lion, to name a few. The books utilize Clockwork Methodology®. As the book progresses certain words repeat and begin appearing in your chosen language. This enables your brain to know right away what the translation is. By the end of the book you’ll be reading in another idioma. And don’t worry about pronunciation! Each book comes with an audiobook!

The activity book that was included is such high quality that I almost can’t stand the thought of my little monkey actually writing in it! The pages are thick and so beautifully illustrated. There is such a wide range of activities, too. Word searches, color by numbers, cross word puzzles, math, follow directions (my personal favorite for a growing young mind!), and more!

We also got a Spanish File Fact. Packed full of facts, it helps kiddos learn about the country of their chosen language! The flash cards has numbers, colors, phrases, and the names of the types of characters in the book. My favorite is, of course, la sirena. Do you know what that means? The mermaid! These amazing tools will help you teach your child multiple languages by disguising it as fun!


Teach Your Child Multiple Languages with One Third Stories


Your Turn

One Third Story offers a monthly storybox club. Inside there are flashcards, an activity book, penfriend starter kit, and an original story! They have versions in German, French, Spanish, and Italian. If you use code “NATURALLYLANGUAGES” you’ll get 15% off of your purchase. I highly recommend this system for little ones who are interested in another language. But you don’t have to take my word for it. One Third Stories is giving you a chance to experience this amazing and fun learning system for yourselves! Click the button to continue to the giveaway!


Teach Your Child Multiple Languages. Enter today!

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